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vastu expert in home

Having Health & Wealth Issues? See If Wrong Vastu Colors Are The Reason

vastu colors for home

For most of us who care about Vastu, the structure usually matters most.

We care about the directions in which our kitchen or bedroom gets made or about what stuff we keep in which room.

Unfortunately, most people don’t pay enough attention to Vastu colors for home.

Vastu colors have the power to make or break the vibes at your home.

The right colors can bring you an ocean full of success - in your career, relationships, or wealth. But the wrong colors in the wrong places can waste all your efforts to lead a good life.

Here’s How The Wrong Color Affected One Of Our Clients

Vastu of the house was right structurally and even got a color chart from us.

But they decided to put a big red colored carpet in the northeast direction as part of the home decor.

There’s no doubt it looked good.

Yet, even after a few days of adjusting to the new home, they felt uncomfortable in that particular area of the house.

Most of their family members had different troubles. But all of them agreed on one thing - they felt uneasy and not at peace in the new place they had so carefully built and designed.

This new house was supposed to be a big reason for happiness, but sadly it was quite the opposite.

When they reached out to us about the matter, we found this mistake.

You see, according to the Vastu Shastra, the color red is an element of fire energy. In many people, it creates temperamental issues, which could be the cause of uneasiness in our client’s family.

Like every other color, red also suits in a particular direction. That too, only if the family members' astrological charts support it.

vastu colors

In this case, the color red wasn’t suitable for the family. Hence, the experts at vaastudevayah didn’t put this color anywhere in the color palette provided.

Sadly, our client didn’t know the power of colors and did not follow the color chart to the T, due to which they had to face issues.

Now we don’t want you to make the same mistake and suffer, so here we are, explaining why you must focus on the right Vastu colors in your home.

3 Benefits of the Right Vastu Colors For Home

Right Colors Are Controllable

Vastu Shastra is based on the five elements — fire, water, earth, air, and space. On a property, there are several things affected by these elements.

The directions in which each room gets built is crucial. Plus, it is essential to understand what objects stay in these directions and how things are stored.

For instance, are your shoes kept correctly in the right place? Is your dustbin wrongly placed near a door? Is there too much wood in a room that shouldn’t have any?

Additionally, you need to ensure that you are doing the activities right. Are you performing prayers facing the correct direction? Are you studying or working in the right direction? Are you cooking food in the right direction?

With so many things to take care of along with the 5 elements that control all this, there’s bound to be an unintentional mistake here and there.

Also, considering many of us use rental properties, it’s hard to make structural changes to fix the issues. What if you need to change the direction of the bathroom altogether? That’s too much of an inconvenience even if you own the place. Making such changes in a rental house is not an option.

Here’s where colors show up with their superpower. The superpower of being controllable. You have the liberty to change them anytime you want, no matter how many times you want in a lifetime - depending on each phase of your life.

You can decide the colors based on the family members or even have generic color tones that take care of the whole family.

You Can Take Goodness To Another Level By Using Astrology

If you consider using the astrological charts of each family member, you can even take advantage of personalized colors.

Let’s say you have a family member who has anger issues due to the planet Mars going retrograde. You can make sure his or her bedroom color is as per Vastu and does not have the color red during the time.

So, you can remove things like carpets, red plant pots, or any red decorations. And then replace them with a soothing color that your Vastu expert recommends, according to the horoscope.

Right Colors Prevent Problems

Many of our clients who had wrong wall colors according to Vastu (or even colors on things like carpets and tables) have experienced all kinds of troubles.

Some of them experience health problems like indigestion. Others experience a cash crunch due to suddenly getting into legal or medical problems that take away their years of savings. For some, the issue is about the argumentative behavior of a family member. Others have even suffered a lack of confidence and increased insecurities when they stay too long in that environment.

There are a few with the worst luck. They get all such problems simultaneously and find it tough to lead a life with a constant look of disappointment and sadness on their face.

Thankfully, it’s easy to have the right Vastu colors for home by replacing a few items in some rooms or changing the wall colors.

You can avoid all such problems by simply knowing what colors to use and following the color chart precisely.

Here’s a bonus tip.

Don’t pick another problem for yourself by trying to find the right colors for each direction on your own.

You need to know the accurate kitchen color as per Vastu, Vastu colors for the bedroom, Vastu colors for the living room, puja room color as per Vastu, and even Vastu colors for doors and windows.

A compass and some vague, unorganized information on the internet won't be enough. Connect with the Vastu experts at and save your time!

Right Colors Save Money

By now, you know the right Vastu colors for your home can save you from tons of life problems plus your time and effort. Here’s the best part, though. It will also save you money.

When you give Vastu colors the priority they deserve, the money that’s used is not just out of your bank account, it is invested for promising returns.

The goodness that the right colors on your walls and stuff brings - includes benefits like fantastic health, a supreme career, and insight that allows you to use your money wisely.

It saves you from legal or medical trouble coming with hefty fees and opens doors to new opportunities to earn.

All that is at the price of using the right colors.

It may also save you from structural changes in your house, which can be expensive. Plus, it saves you from stress and unhappiness that can get into addictions like gambling, alcohol, or just a shopping addiction, which can wash your money down the drain.

The Takeaway

All in all, the right Vastu colors for your home help you keep your health, wealth, and relationships in check. And that while making sure success finds you easily in all areas of life that matter.

Why not bless yourself today by contacting the experts at about your color queries? Let us help you ensure a better life for yourself and your loved ones.

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