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You don’t want guests to feel like they’re staying at a hotel. You want them to feel like they’re home away from home. Vastu for hotels helps to achieve that by creating spaces that encourage guests to relax and interact with each other and their work.  Vaastu Devayah Namah renders a range of Vastu Solutions to help you curate a space that attracts positivity and harmony for people residing in it. Vastu for hotels as a practice for designing and constructing a building or city as per Vastu shastra.

Basically, it is the Hindu traditional science which deals with the study of architecture, design, and constructions that improve the well-being, prosperity, and success of mankind. Star point plays a vital role in dictating the direction of a room in a house or even a hotel.

The good infrastructure of Hotels attracts a bountiful of visitors thus enhancing the profit. Vastu plays a vital role in inviting guests and making profits as the placement of hotels and directions of specific rooms in hotels are directly linked to the guest's arrival. It is the responsibility of every Hotel to maintain certain rules. To make a successful hotel one should follow the basic concept of Vastu Shastra.

There are certain conditions of the surroundings in which a hotel should be made. At Vaastu Devayah Namah, the motive of our Vastu Experts for Hotel is to provide a good atmosphere to the customers so that they don't feel uncomfortable. If things are done correctly then there will be an improvement in business, profits, and growth of the hotel. There will be more visitors and they will be more frequent also.

Vastu for Hotels

Vastu for Hotels - Attract More Customers and Increase Revenue

A quick peek in the Vastu History

There is a Hindu science of Vastu which gives a proper direction to different parts of a building. Over a long period of time, this science became more advanced by observation and practicality. It is the science of generating positive energy to reduce negative energies. The good direction in Vastu makes your life full of happiness and prosperity in every sense. The directions in the Vastu science are mainly four in number; they are South, North, West, and East quarters. All these four directions are related to different parts of the human body like head, hands, feet, abdomen, etc., that's why when you take your food or sleep in a specific direction then it gives good benefit to your body.

A few things to keep in mind in Vastu for Hotels

  • • There are a few guidelines to be followed while constructing hotels namely
  • • East-West facing rooms are considered auspicious
  • • 3rd floor above ground level is not kept vacant or occupied
  • • 30% of land should be untouched for green belts, gardens, etc.
  • • Water bodies should not be on the western side of the plots since it attracts bad luck
  • • The large vacant area should be on the eastern side while building houses since the main entrance, the staircase is always on the eastern side followed by north
  • • Plantation of trees should always be on the Northern or Eastern side of the Hotel building
  • Rooms should not have large windows since they offer unhindered views to other hotels. Staircases should never be in the Northern part.
Vastu for Hotels

When you read that our rooms have been designed, keeping in mind the Vastu Shastra principles, you might think what does it have to do with a hotel? If you haven’t read any of my previous posts, let me say that one of the things I strongly believe is that whatever is true for space should also apply to people, because humanity is part of nature.

There are ancient principles that talk about how space can be used for people to live in by taking utmost care of. It is a living organism that responds to all kinds of energies, including those of us who live in it. We are subject to the forces of nature above and below the surface of the earth. If we move an inch out of its alignment with the earth’s own energy systems the most calamitous consequences will follow

So if you are still wondering why is Vastu so important in the hospitality industry? Well, let our Vastu Consultants for Hotels tell you. Vastu’s true beauty lies in its connections to nature and everything around us. For example, we must be close to our guests because we interact with them on a daily basis. Therefore, the spatial relationships of the hotel must give priority to people and comfort rather than profit.

How to design your hotel for better customer experience

Psychologically our mind tends to get distracted when there are so many unrelated things in the surrounding. This applies to office space as well as other commercial spaces like hotels. The more clutter is available in your space, the more confused your mind becomes. A spacious room with good air circulation helps to rejuvenate the mind and creates a more creative environment for work.

Most of the people from across the globe visit different cities and try to find a comfortable stay at hotels. But these days, many hotels are built with negative Vastu. That's the reason why guests do not prefer staying at that place or you have guests provided with non-comfortable rooms.  For avoiding such problems, mainly after reaching a hotel you need proper information regarding Vastu of that particular hotel before staying at these places. Just as there are hotels with negative Vastu, sometimes one suffers from the effects of Vastu Dosha at home or work.

Find the perfect balance with Vastu Shastra

It’s important to correctly identify and avoid bad Vastu problems, as they can affect a person’s well-being and progress. Few people may not be aware that the positioning of your furniture in your home can have a massive effect on your wealth. Most people don’t realize that moving a sofa just a few inches could actually bring you the winning lottery ticket! It is very common for people to overlook these kinds of things, but it seems vital to find a solution quickly before it is too late.

Vastu for hotels is like an art and ancient science, which controls the quality of life and location of the building. There are many ways to analyze and predict the future, but Vastu is based on the rules and laws of nature which make it different from other sciences.

Finding a reliable Vastu Consultants for Hotels that you can entirely rely on from the construction to the interiors is quite tough, but with Vaastu Devayah Namah it can be all sorted in a single place. If you are interested to know more don’t forget to visit our website.

Vastu for Hotels

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