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Vastu for Childbirth – The Easy Solution to Family Planning

In this modern era, nuclear family is the new trend, but some new age couples are facing a lot of troubles even constructing these nuclear families. No one is to blame here because the lifestyle of an average city man is too busy, too stressful, too unhealthy and too bothersome. This package of lifestyle does not allow a couple to create a healthy environment for conceiving. So, who is to blame and what could be the possible solution? It is as simple as one word and it is Vastu. Vastu for childbirth will not only provide you the best advice but it will also help you conceive better and quickly.

Now when we consider vastu for childbirth, the very first thing that should be taken care of is the vastu of bedroom in which a couple spend most of their time. If the vastu for that bedroom is not healthy then it is obvious that the phenomena of conceiving and childbirth will be adversely affected.

Vastu Tips for Childbirth

Now when we talk about vastu, the very first thing we concern ourselves with is the direction. Out of all the sixteen directions of the house, each and every direction has a great significance and meaning. we can say that the north-east direction is not considered a very ideal direction for conceiving because it is considered significant for meditation, religious practices and other spiritual activities. So, if a couple’s bed is facing the north-eastern direction then it is unhealthy for childbirth. So, if the direction goes wrong then the entire process and influence of vastu shastra for childbirth is considered a complete failure.

Besides, there are other factors that play a major role in the art of vastu for childbirth. The next thing we talk about are the energies in the room. If the spiritual and virtual energy of the room is not good then vastu for childbirth is useless because the soulful entity that is to come to this world is repelled by all the negativity. Therefore, vastu for childbirth helps you maintain a certain and steady composure around the room so that the energy in of the room is always a certain level on the positive scale.

Vastu for childbirth directs that there are certain directions that align the energies in the room for us and make our job a tiny bit easier. It says that the south-western direction is considered the most ideal to bloom the healthiest relationship between the couple. If the couple decides to hand their wedding photograph on the wall present in the south-western direction there are greater chances of success. The northern and north-western direction tend to inculcate a healthy and fruitful physical attraction and intimacy between the couple. These vastu tips for childbirth help the couple to build a relationship of trust, understanding and intimacy and thus simplify the procedure.


We have successfully concluded the discussion of vastu for childbirth for today. If you too were intrigued by the intense discussion and wish to know more then do not hesitate to contact us. If you have any other queries or need an expert online vastu consultant then do not forget to call us on the given number or email us at the stated email id. If you are looking for expert advice on other important topics like vastu for business, vastu for bedroom etc. then visit our site for more information on the above-mentioned topics. Until then, take care.

Important Notes

  1. All the above Vastu advice are given by professional Vastu Experts from Vaastu Devayah Namah and are based on scientific & logical principles of Vastu Shastra. However, it is not recommended to implement any Vastu remedies without expert advice from a learned Vastu consultant since Vastu working involves precision and calculations which are specific to each property.
  2. Also, contrary to popular belief, we must be aware that Vastu does not necessarily require reconstruction or demolition. By aligning the interiors, choosing the directions as per activity and with Vastu treatments or remedies, Vastu compliance can be achieved.

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