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Why Go For Vastu For Jewellery Shop?

vastu for jewellery

Nobody will simply enter your jewellery shop just because it looks fancy and alluring. It is the art of vastu that will pull your customers towards itself like a magnet and have a strong impact on the customer. If you own a jewellery shop and you are eager to learn this secret then you have hit just the right button. We will give you the best vastu tips for jeweller shop that will help you double the amount of profits within no time.

Your Jewellery Shop is Your Golden Lamp of Miracles

Business of jewellery sounds like a very profitable and lucrative enterprise, but only the experts know the ugly truth and involved risks with it. What if I tell you that you can turn all the losses into multi-digit profits within a few days? As I said before that your jewellery shop is your golden lamp of miracles and you can use it up to its full potential if only you know how.

We have a team of experts that will make your job easy for you simply by providing excellent vastu shastra tips for jewellery shop. If you implement even half of this knowledge of vastu for jewellery shop then you cannot keep the count of your profits. For expert vastu consultant you can always contact us directly.

Easy Vastu Tips For Jewellery Shop

Vastu for jewellery shop is not an amateur’s job because there are bigger things at stake, so you clearly cannot trust just anyone for the job. Therefore, we have compiled the knowledge of best vastu expert of the nation in this section for you.

  1. The most important factor considered in vastu for jewellery shop is the shape of your shop. One should keep in mind that the building should always be either cubic or cuboidal.
  2. Keeping a small idol of God in the north east direction of the shop is considered very vital for the record increase in number of customers.
  3. It is no surprise that there should be a safe in a jewellery shop. Vastu for jewellery says that the safe should be placed in western direction of the shop. The common practice of having a photograph of the God you worship should be avoided in order to maintain longevity in increased sales.
  4. The key component of the jewellery shop, that is the jewellery itself should be present in the eastern or northern direction of your shop. This will produce a very strong impact on your customer and he will end up buying the piece.
  5. The jewellery shop should look fancy and appealing and for the same purpose, colour yellow should be avoided. This colour repels the positivity from your shop and the customer might not be very comfortable entering the store with healthy mind.


This was it for today’s session of teachings and learnings. We hope that this segment proved to be helpful to you and solved all your queries regarding the topic. We sincerely feel that our clients should be at the peak of their health, both physical and emotional. For this purpose, we try to provide all the help we can get for your wellbeing. This article was dedicated to vastu for jewellery shop, but if you are looking for some tips ofvastu for residential, vastu for commercial or vastu for industries then do not hesitate to contact us. Until then, take care.

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