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Why Need Vastu Tips for Loneliness

vastu tips for loneliness

We know it for a fact that human being is a social animal who is co-dependent on each other for a living. We as a society tend to interact with each other in order to create a harmonious balance in this community. We use our language for making connections and in order to build an intimacy with others. But what happens when we have no shoulder to lean on, no person to confide in, no outlet for emotional and mental frustration? It will lead to a severe imbalance in our mind and upheaval a perfect state of mind. This is the time we start feeling lonely. In order to deal with this loneliness, we bring to you these 7 most effective vastu tips that will help you express yourself in a more refined manner.

7 Vastu Tips for Emotional Loneliness

In this modern, fast-moving and competitive world, we work so hard that we often forget that there are certain aspects of life that need more nurture and care. All of us are so busy in this rat-race of making money that we barely pay attention to our loved ones. This is how some of them feel abandoned and eventually fall prey to an intense feeling of emotional loneliness. To tackle this therapeutically, brings extraordinary expenditures and unnecessary burden. Therefore, we bring to you these 10 vastu tips to deal with emotional loneliness from the best vastu expert of the era.

  • North-east direction of our house affects our mental capability and potential the most. So, if there is a store-room in that direction or the walls are red in colour then it will adversely affect our intuitive and decision-making skills. In order to have a good influence on your thoughts, one must spend most of his time in this direction.
  • If the bedroom is between the west and north-west of the house or between east or north-east of the house then our thought process is adversely affected. People are most likely to face emotional loneliness, depression and anxiety. The bed must be immediately relocated in order to have the most positive impact on our mental health.
  • The colours that we see the most affects our mental patterns in the most unique manner and it is clearly visible on our mental and emotional health. Therefore, it is necessary that we choose the colour combinations of our house and offices very carefully to improve the peace and performance of the place. Light colours are considered to be the most peaceful colours in the spectrum.
  • One must have ample access to the elements of nature, like sunlight and fresh air. This is essential because these elements of nature are supposed to bring the required positivity to your brain and provide a healthy environment for you to spend time in.
  • Sceneries and other accessories that make up the environment of the place, we spend our most time in also affects our mental peace to a great extent. One must ensure that he is surrounded by happy sceneries and positive objects to minimize the effect of emotional loneliness.
  • Listening to light instrumental music in the east and north-east direction has the most positive influence on our brain and mental health. These musical instruments bring about peace and harmony in a place. It soothes our mind and repels all kinds of emotional stresses and blocks the feeling of loneliness in our lives.
  • You can also choose to chant special mantras or incantations in the direction of north-east as it uplifts the spiritual energy of the place to a whole new level and brings about a symphony in all the positive energies and vibrations of your house.
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    It is that time when we conclude the discussion of vastu tips to fight emotional loneliness. If you enjoyed reading this article then kindly share it on your socials so that anyone, maybe a friend or a family is in need of a professional help, could avail it well in time. We hope that this article was informational and insightful for you and you took big chunks of knowledge from it.

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